Guitar Lessons Santa Barbara

Cost & Location

Weekly Guitar Lessons:

Half hour guitar lessons:  $120 per month

45 minute guitar lessons: $160 per month

1 hour guitar lessons:        $200 per month

1 hour group guitar lessons: $120 per month

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Guitar Lessons location:

In-home within Santa Barbara, Goleta and Montecito

Nick Rail Music located on upper De La Vina in Santa Barbara

Group lessons in Goleta, near Kellogg and Cathedral Oaks

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"I have been taking guitar lessons from Robbie for over 2 years now. Robbie's teachings have been very helpful these past years as a guitarist. I have had 3 other guitar teachers before him and none of them even come close to being as helpful as he has. I look forward to seeing him every week. Robbie has taught me new techniques which make things much easier. "He has motivated me to play more by giving me songs that I like to play and he also gives me challenges to make me a better guitarist. He is a great musician and very patient, I would highly recommend him to anyone." -Adam Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara's Full-Time Guitar Teacher for 10 years

Providing All Ages the Best Results, Saving you Money and Time

When learning to play guitar, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the right guitar teacher.

This is what good guitar lessons can offer:

Instead of overwhelming and frustrating the student with too much information, a good guitar teacher will deliver the right amount of information. He will design a plan for you to practice the new material and will show you how to apply it to actual playing situations.

Instead of assigning everyone to the same program regardless of your needs and skill level, a good guitar teacher will accurately assess your needs and skill level in order to offer the best program for you.

Instead of only offering one on one lessons, a good guitar teacher offers opportunities to apply the knowledge being taught. A good guitar teacher provides multiple learning outlets including playing with your peers and performing in front of an audience.

A good guitar teacher has extensive knowledge of music theory and history. They can explain theory and teach Music history in a way that you can understand and apply to your guitar playing which will help you to become a well rounded musician.

Some of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for guitar lessons:

Choosing a guitar teacher based only on price: Guitar teachers who charge a low rate are probably not full time guitar teachers and may not have much experience actually giving guitar lessons. They are probably teaching guitar on the side and do not put as much energy that a full time teacher puts into their lessons. Results take longer, you might spend twice as much money per guitar lesson for a good teacher but you will progress at least three times as fast. Therefore, for the same results you will actually end up spending more money and more time on the cheaper guitar teacher.

Choosing a guitar teacher because you think they are good players: A good guitar teacher should also be a good guitar player, but just because someone is a good player does not mean they are also a good teacher. The ability to deliver information and train students is a skill separate from playing guitar. It’s a skill that must be developed and refined. Just like learning how to play guitar, learning how to give guitar lessons takes many years of dedication.

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