“I have been taking guitar lessons from Robbie for over 2 years now. Robbie’s teachings have been very helpful these past years as a guitarist. I have had 3 other guitar teachers before him and none of them even come close to being as helpful as he has. I look forward to seeing him every week. Robbie has taught me new techniques which make things much easier.

“He has motivated me to play more by giving me songs that I like to play and he also gives me challenges to make me a better guitarist. He is a great musician and very patient, I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
Santa Barbara



“We tried piano and then flute but there was never much motivation to practice. Robbie has motivated Aaron and he has really improved in his guitar playing.
“Robbie is a friendly and patient teacher. I recommend him highly.”
-Andrew (Aaron’s father)
Santa Barbara

“I have been taking guitar lessons from Robbie for about 6 months and have been able to dramatically improve my play and understanding of music theory. I have been a casual guitar player for nearly 30 years and have always played by ear. Robbie has been able to expand my repertoire and help me gain a more technical understanding of music theory. He has a very adaptable style for all levels of skills and learning. He is a great teacher and musician. I highly recommend Robbie!”



“My son has learned so much since he started lessons with Robbie! I really appreciate the caliber of the instruction he is receiving, and the range of music he is being exposed to. Robbie brings an endless supply of patience to each lesson, and takes the time to make the experience rewarding. He is a top-notch guitar teacher.”

-Sharon (Shane’s mother)

“Robbie is a great guitar teacher. He teaches a wide variety of music, music theory and musical notation, at just my speed. Not only does he teach me, but he teaches me in a way that’s interesting.”



“After having played guitar off and on for about 5 years, I decided to finally buckle down and sign up for lessons. Through Robbie’s constructive guidance, many flaws were corrected and my overall technique greatly improved.
Robbie provided motivational lessons that kept me moving forward to improve my playing. He eased my frustration with positive feedback that steered me to concentrate on what I was doing correctly.
Robbie’s easygoing manner and friendly personality made for a most comfortable student/teacher relationship.”

Michael R.
Santa Barbara



“Robbie has been teaching my son for over a year and a half. He is a wonderful teacher who relates well to children and is able to teach and inspire them to learn. Robbie is able to balance the child’s need to feel good about his progress with techniques to motivate and support the child’s progress. I recommend Robbie wholeheartedly.”

Winifred (Mason’s mother)
Montecito, CA

“Robbie is a great teacher who makes learning guitar fun. He finds my favorite songs so I can learn to play them and enjoy myself. He also pushes me to play better and challenges me.”

Montecito, CA

“After playing on my own for some time, I had gotten into all kinds of bad habits. I was very glad to start taking lessons with Robbie because he has a great way of teaching guitar in an engaging, motivating way. Soon I was working out of my odd habits and learning how to play some amazing music, from Leyenda to Led Zepplin. Robbie is excellent at bringing together playing style, technique, and music fundamentals in an efficient way that accelerates learning and makes it fun.”



“I didn’t know anything about playing guitar when I started.I had never played an instrument before and I was a little doubtful about my ability to learn.I found Robbie online and he seemed like he would be a good teacher.

“Turned out I was right.Robbie proved to be very patient and provided just the right amount of guidance.Within a few months I moved from practicing simple exercises to being able to play full songs.I even learned how to read music and gained enough confidence to try classical music on the guitar.Overall it was a great learning experience, and I’m still playing to this day.”


“I took guitar lessons with Robbie for almost a year. During that time I noticed vast improvments in my skills and my confidence. Robbie made sure that we worked on many aspects of guitar playing including, reading music, rythm, finger picking, scales, and learning songs. I really appreaciated Robbie’s patience and the way he personally taylored every lesson to my needs. He is honest and will tell you exactly what you need to do to improve. I recommend Robbie to any student from beginner to advanced.”
-Yuri V.

age 26



“Before I started taking lessons with Robbie, I was a beginner-level guitarist, totally self-taught, and absolutely uneducated in music theory. Through Robbie’s teaching, I’ve now become a much better guitarist, and learned technical knowledge of music that would not have been easy without his tutelage. I now can play and sing full songs and I’m sure with Robbie’s help I’ll only continue to get better. While many guitar instructors have a set curriculum, Robbie is extremely flexible, and will teach me to play any song I can think of. His laid back attitude and dynamic style of instruction have been essential in my development as a musician”

-Ascher, 20, Goleta


“My 10 year old son started studying with Robbie just a few weeks ago, and we are extremely satisfied. He’s patient and has the soft touch that’s helpful when working with kids. He’s also professional, he shows up on time, ready to work and is there for the full time frame. His rates are reasonable and I recommend him to anyone, of any age or skill level that’s interested in guitar. And it’s also obvious that music isn’t a mere rice bowl that pays the bills. Robbie is an accomplished composer and performer who continues to study and advance his own musicianship. We have seen him perform his own compositions at recitals and are duly impressed.”


“Thanks Robbie for teaching me all those awesome songs and guitar is actually really fun. The lessons are fun and it’s also fun to learn new songs, too. The fun thing I mostly like is having lessons with Robbie. I am hoping for Robbie to be a awesome rock star and I am hoping to be a good guitarist!”



“I have been taking guitar lesson with Robbie for more than 2 years. I had two other teachers before him but I think Robbie is the best. Robbie is a cool teacher.”


“My son has been taking guitar lesson with Robbie for more than 2 years and he likes Robbie a lot. He is very patient and has good teaching methods. He is a nice guy. Robbie is an outstanding teacher.”


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